Mailbox name diferent than login name in IMAP/POP, possible?

Igor Brezac igor at
Sat Jun 17 22:03:20 EDT 2006

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006, Pedro Algarvio wrote:

> Is it possible to login like username at domain.tld and get the mailbox for that 
> user to be for example username_domain.tld?
> I'm using ldap as the saslauthd backend, so would it be possible to translate 
> username at reaml to username_realm, that way users could login with their 
> normal email address to services like pop/imap.
> I know authentication is possible, that's plain ldap, but the mailbox 
> "translation" is my doubt.
> P.S.: I'd like to get this without using cyrus virtdomains setting, or at 
> least leaving it to off.

You will need to write/hack code for this to work.  You have several 
options: write a custom authorization module (it can be ldap driven) or 
hack an existing authorization module, hack ptloader/ldap code or write 
your own ptloader plugin, or write a custom canon sasl plugin.


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