Virtual domains + aliases + cyrus

Sarah Walters sarah.walters at
Fri Jun 2 01:04:43 EDT 2006


I am attempting to configure a mail server to be able to check aliases
and deliver to Cyrus IMAPd while preserving the domain data. Our MTA at
the moment is sendmail, but if another MTA can do this better I can look
at alternatives.

My current understanding is as follows:

1. To maintain the virtual domain detail you need to use the
2. Sendmail only checks the aliases file for local delivery, which it
does not consider mailertable to be.

We are currently using 2.2.12 (v2.2.12-Invoca-RPM-2.2.12-3.RHEL4.1 to be
precise). At this time there are no virtual domains, and we do the
aliases on a separate box before making an LMTP connection to the cyrus
host. We now want to consolidate the mail service onto the one box
rather than have SMTP on one and Cyrus on another.

Can I do the above, and can anyone please tell me exactly how?

I would also like to make better use of LDAP, as there is a project to
store all account information in LDAP for these users and it would be
preferable to use it directly rather than having to do a dump of the


Sarah Walters

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