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Tiffany Wilder twilder at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jul 9 11:40:02 EDT 2008


A few more changes were made to the ASTM dept on the directory, as well as a
mistake I caught in the Campus Services Center.

This attachment is the correct version.  Please delete the directory I sent
earlier this morning, and save this one as the most current version.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion,	


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To: 'Ann Marie Mesco DIG LIB'; 'Audrey Bogus PRINTING'; 'Barbara Parker
ASTM'; 'Becky Duxbury HDS'; 'Chuck Donofrio UNIV STORES'; 'Dan Tyson
PRINTING'; 'Dave Hooper ASTM'; 'Dave Warren UNIV STORES'; 'Dawn Dickinson
UNIV STORES'; 'Dawn Ordons HDS'; 'Don Lind ASTM'; 'Ellen Young ASTM';
'Francis Rolls UNIV STORES'; 'Frank Farber ASTM'; 'George Bullitt UNIV
STORES'; 'Jackie Childress DIG LIB'; 'Jeff Clark ASTM'; 'John Zalar ASTM';
'Jon McIntire DIG LIB'; 'Karen Hornak HDS'; 'Karen Shank PRINTING'; 'Karl
Rudock PRINTING'; 'Kim Murray CAMPUS SERVICES'; 'Lorrie Safar CAMPUS
SERVICES'; 'Mark Cacese COPY'; 'Michael McKerahan UNIV STORES'; 'Michael
Rock UNIV STORES'; 'Mike Lane ASTM'; 'Pat Herbster COPY'; 'Phillip Lewis
ASTM'; 'Rich Grundza ASTM'; 'Rich Lyons COPY'; 'Richard "Donnie" Dieghan
UNIV STORES'; 'RJ Schreiner PRINTING'; 'Ron Renaldi ASTM'; 'Ruth Staudacher
CAMPUS SERVICES'; 'Samara Armstrong DIG LIB'; 'Sandy Mitchell UNIV STORES';
'Scott Parke ASTM'; 'Tiffany Wilder CAMPUS SERVICES'; 'Tina Bubonovich UNIV
STORES'; 'Tom Schofield ASTM'; 'Vernon Lentz UNIV STORES'
Subject: NEW Penn Ave Directory


The updated version of the Penn Ave Directory is attached to this email.  It
has the information of our new Campus Services IT staff, and I have removed
the information for the Housing and Dining folks who moved out of our
building on Monday.



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To: Tiffany Wilder
Subject: E-Mail Addresses


Can you give me the names and e-mail addresses of the new guys.  Thanks.

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