[SIGBOVIK] SIGBOVIK 2018 "Premium Subscriber" Deadline Extension

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Wed Mar 14 00:22:13 EDT 2018

Dear SIGBOVIK enthusiasts:

Due to this year's earlier-than-usual timeline, there have been many
requests for deadline extensions for SIGBOVIK 2018 paper submissions. As
such, we are offering the first ever SIGBOVIK deadline extension
for "premium subscribers" (that is, all you lovely folks on this mailing
list), along with anyone else said premium subscribers care to share the
happy news with.

*The actually final, not-a-drill,
we-send-it-to-press-the-next-day submission deadline is March 16.*

As always, further disinformation is available at our website, http://
sigbovik.org/2018. Good luck to all on their eleventh-hour submissions!
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