[SIGBOVIK] Enter Paperdrive

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Mon Mar 17 12:25:08 EDT 2014

Esteemed researchers,

The Committee on Deadline Extensions and Other Research Fantasies, which 
previously issued a report revising the submission deadline, previously 
believed to be March 7, to March 16, has more exciting research to 
announce. We have just learned that the submission deadline can be 
extended two additional days, to Tuesday, March 18, by entering the 
so-called paperdrive. Reaching paperdrive is not easy, but we believe it 
to be possible with a sufficient mass of people and careful addition of 
tea. This experiment will be performed at 4:30 this afternoon in the GHC 
6th floor commons, so don't miss it!

TS;DR (Too Silly; Didn't Read): New paper deadline is tomorrow. To 
encourage submissions, we're having a last-minute paper drive. Come to 
tea today to chat and work on projects.

Lee Daniels' The SIGBOVIK 2014 PC

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