[SIGBOVIK] Presentation Hack Session, Sunday 3/24

SIGBOVIK Announcements sigbovik-announce at lists.andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Mar 22 17:17:55 EDT 2012

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:07:23PM -0400, SIGBOVIK Announcements wrote:
> Because of the not-unusually-slow rate at which the conference is
> approaching (1 day per day), and the number of days left (8), we will
> have a hack session for writing presentations this weekend:
> When:  Sunday, 3/24 from noon-dinner
> Where: GHC 6121
> What:  Writing presentations
> Feel free to come even if you did not submit a paper! Those who did not
> submit are still encouraged to make presentations, and those who did are
> not required to (but still encouraged).

Also, call 412 304 4294 if you can't get in the building.


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