[SIGBOVIK] Hack Session Suggestions

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Fri Mar 4 14:40:23 EST 2011

Since this hack session will probably last a while, and I have volunteered
to be there for the whole thing, I will say this: anyone who wants to
bring stuffs for munching, slurping, gulping, smorchoffing, etc. should do
so. This will be done AWAY FROM COMPUTERS.

Other things that might be useful:
*Mind stimulating
not-quite-solid-not-quite-liquid-pull-apart-push-together-substance (silly
*Objects of inspiration
*Jovial (or similar) Attitudes (Bad Attitudes will be punted at the
discretion of other people attending, or converted with methods similar to
those of the Spanish Inquisition)
*Red (or another colours) of pens!

See you all tomorrow :) If you need clarification on anything, feel free
to contact me!

~Lo "the floor lamp has a bright idea" Bergls

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