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Wed Mar 31 23:42:37 EDT 2010

    The SIGBOVIK Committee on Making Sure You Attend SIGBOVIK is pleased
to announce that the Fourth annual SIGBOVIK will be held TODAY* at 5pm
in GHC 4401. The general public, you, the public at large, and the
public in general are invited to attend, eat cake, and watch humorous


- TODAY*, Thursday April 1st, 5pm
- GHC 4401 (Gates Hillman Center; Rashid Auditorium)
- Funny** talks
- Cake, Refreshments, Prizes
- http://sigbovik.org/2010

*TODAY may vary depending on the current time.
**Funny may vary depending on your sense of humor.


ALSO: The official proceedings of SIGBOVIK 2010 are now available!
- 160 pages of awesome.
- Download at http://sigbovik.org/2010 .
- You may buy a physical copy at the conference for $7.


ALSO: Want to present at SIGBOVIK? It's not too late (not by far)! Prepare
a talk in "fits in the room" format and bring it with you to the event.


See you at SIGBOVIK,


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