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Tue Mar 30 16:32:00 EDT 2010

Some important notes about SIGBOVIK presentations:

1) Anyone may present anything:
    You don't have to present your paper (though if you think it would be
funny, then -- by all means -- do so). Multiple talks per person are
fine as well. Just show up with some funny talk(s) and you can give

2) Presentations are whatever you want:
    They should probably be between zero and twenty minutes in length, in
"projected slides or chalkboard" format. With maybe some words and
maybe some pictures. Pre-recorded talks are also fine. Bring a laptop
if you need a laptop.

3) If you have any *ahem* unusual requirements:
    We respect your peculiar *ahem* tastes and will try to help you
acquire {backup singers, extra time, orbital laser, ...} as required
for your talk. E-mail us at sigbovik-org at lists.andrew.cmu.edu . Sooner
is better, especially for your more *ahem* exotic requests.


Also, if you are the punctual and prepared type who already knows you are
giving a talk (or several), send e-mail to info at sigbovik.org to register
your intent to speak. Provide a title and talk length. This helps us
understand the scale of the event and maybe do a little organizing in
advance. Walk-in talks are also welcome.


* http://sigbovik.org/2010 *
* GHC 4401                 *
* April 1st, 5pm           *
* Cake!                    *

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