[SIGBOVIK] Presentation Hacking: SUNDAY, 1pm, GHC 4405

SIGBOVIK Announcements sigbovik-announce at lists.andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Mar 26 13:37:41 EDT 2010

   The SIGBOVIK Integrated Purposeful-Plan-Yelling Common Upstart Panel is
pleased to announce the first and final SIGBOVIK presentation hacking
session of 2010:

- Sunday, March 28th
- 13:00 (== 1pm)
- GHC 4405
- Pizza, if we decide to order it
- Sweets, almost certainly

    Finish (or start) your brilliant SIGBOVIK 2010 presentations; or just
hang out with all the cool people and rockstars who will certainly be

See you,


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