[SIGBOVIK] Final Paper Hacking Session: TODAY (Saturday, March 20), 1pm, GHC 4405

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Fri Mar 19 22:23:57 EDT 2010

Wise Sir Archibald,
    I am scribing this writ over breakfast (excuse the stains). I wish to
inquire as to wither such a learn'd gentleman and scholar as yourself
had thought to venture yet to the SIGBOVIK session of hackery this
present Saturday?

        Bishop Cromfeldland


Bishop Cromfeldland,
    I had not been informed of such a thing! I presently inquire as to
further details for I am sure that both I and my lettered colleagues
will wish to ride out, if it not be too far.

        Sir Archibald


Mistr Archibld,
    I aggrevies me orrible, but mastr Cromfldland as passed. Thouw ye may
be saddnd and cri with fluds of teers, I must let yew no that SIGBOVIK
paper hacking will still ocur upon Saturday in GHC4405 at 1
afternoontide. Yr troop of scholrs will be appreciated greatly.

        Comfit D'Orleans

    On his dethbed the Bishap did giv a note to Enclose for ye. It makes
little sens to me (as his deth came neer he did shew signs of madnes
in his left eye, accrdin to Mr. Harrington who does know the Physic)
but I attach it that ye may puzl it owt:

Actual Final Deadline for SIGBOVIK 2010 will be:
Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 11:55 PM (Wasilla, Alaska Time)

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