[SIGBOVIK] SIGBOVIK 2008 Proceedings (Finally) Arrived

SIGBOVIK Announcements sigbovik-announce at lists.andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Nov 11 14:20:48 EST 2008

SIGBOVIK 2008 proceedings are finally available and can be picked up
from Rob Simmons in Wean 8220.

If you are:

Dmitry Berenson, Michelle Goodstein, John Jua, Andrew Harris, Ronit
Slyper, Pras Velagapudi, Brian Hirshman, Laurie (L.A.) Jones, Tom
Murphy VII, Nels Beckman, Peter Landwehr, Rob Reeder, Dan Lee, Akiva
Leffert, Jeannette Wing, or Mark Stelek,

then there is a free reserved copy for you. If you are not on that
list, a (very!!) limited number of copies are available for the
reduced price of $5, and a countably infinite number of copies are
available for purchase from Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/content/3234690)
and for download at www.sigbovik.org. If you think you have been
omitted from the list of people receiving free copies in error, please
reply to sigbovik at gmail.com ASAP.

 - Rob

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