[SCA-Dance] KWDS - Who decides where it goes?

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Flip's paranoid filters are once again refusing to let my posts through, so I am making a second try.

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I have always pushed the idea of having a Sunday morning discussion at KWDS to present bids, if any, and to talk about the process. That didn't happen this year because the people who wanted to bid had lost their intended autocrat and didn't feel ready to throw their hat into the ring. Instead there was just a lot of discussion in the hallways about the possibilities for next time. 

Regarding having a KWDS discussion at Pennsic, note that the group that wants to bid is in California. If none of them are going to be at the war, they may need to designate someone to present their plans at Pennsic. (I did this for the Drachenwald bid at KWDS X. I collected information from the autocrat, printed out photos of the site, and gave a talk about why this would be a good place to have the next symposium.)
I think there should be a section on the kwds.org site with information about how to host the event. Technically, the event reports and budgets are public information available from the Society MoAS, but I wouldn't count on them to have that data available. We could post past event bids, budgets, post-event reports, etc., as well as things like Master Philip White's checklist, on the KWDS site. Until there is an online repository for such things, Darius and I have been making information from our symposiums available to people who want to prepare a bid.



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