[SCA-Dance] [sca-dance] Dance musicians at Pennsic

Aaron Elkiss aelkiss at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:11:47 EDT 2016

Dear dance musicians:

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at Pennsic! There will be lots of
opportunities to play for dancers. Some more information:

- All instruments (period or otherwise) are welcome, so long as they don't
require electric amplification. Modern flutes, acoustic guitars, etc:
totally OK. Theremin players: sorry!

- Players at all skill levels are welcome. If you aren't quite at the level
of being able to sight-read the melodies at dance tempos, there are easy
chords, bass lines, drones, etc that you can try.

- We will have music available for use in the dance tent. If you want your
own music to keep, please print a copy of this year's Pennsic Pile
(available from http://pennsicdance.aands.org/pennsic45/PennsicPile45.pdf).
If you aren't able to print your own copy, we may have a few copies
available to take home at the end of Pennsic.

- Musicians are welcome and appreciated to play for open dancing and all
scheduled balls except the Thursday, August 11th ball - we have a band
scheduled to play for that night. We are pretty informal - play as much or
as little as you like, and feel free to switch between playing music and

- In addition to the balls and open dancing, many dance teachers welcome
musicians to play for their classes! Just show up and let the teacher know
you're interested in playing, and be sure to check with them for the
desired tempo and roadmap.

Aaron Drummond

Barony of Cynnabar

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