[SCA-Dance] Looking for Ellen the Fair

Justin du coeur jducoeur at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 12:42:00 EST 2016

Actually, Christopher pops up now and then, and his daughter Cordelia is
semi-active in Carolingia.  If somebody *really* wanted to get a hold of
him, contact could likely be arranged.  But it's a pretty indirect chain
for finding Ellen...

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> On Fri, 5 Feb 2016, Mary Railing via Sca-dance wrote:
> I do not know who Master Christopher is. Do you know his mundane name or
>> the rest of his SCA name?
> Master Christopher Darras moved out of the Midrealm c. 1980 and has not
> been active in the SCA in many years.  If you want to find Mistress Ellen
> the Fair, asking around in Tree-Girt-Sea/Ayreton might be more efficacious.
> http://ayreton.midrealm.org
> Hope that helps--
> Rufina/DP
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