[SCA-Dance] Pennsic Thank-Yous

Karen Veale syrcin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 15:50:50 EDT 2016

Greetings, dancers! I know not everyone went to Pennsic, so I will try not
to inundate this email list with post-Pennsic chatter. I though it would be
appropriate to send thank-yous, though, to express to the community how
much our volunteers are appreciated. I am working on getting more names
collected, so I can thank more folks by name soon.

Thank you to the dance tent stewards this year: Lord Hamish, Lady Helena,
and Lord Maurin. They kept an eye on the tent, lugged water, got up early,
stayed late, all so that I (and the rest of us) didn't have to. The tent
would have been much less hospitable without their efforts.

Thank you to Lord Aaron for being our Music Coordinator again, who made the
music half of the Dance Tent happen (with the generous volunteering of the
musicians). I am grateful for his experience and equanimity, when I left
him largely autonomous whether he liked it or not.

Thank you to the teachers. It was a challenging year, and many things were
not ideal. Thank you for showing up and making the dance track a success,
regardless of the weather or number of attendees. I'm grateful for every
one of you.

Thank you to the ball hosts and band leaders. Without your extra effort,
the evenings would have been much less fun. I hope you felt that you had a
good return on your investment of time and anxiety.

Thank you to all the dancers and musicians who showed up. There are so many
activities at Pennsic, and I want you to know that we appreciate it when
you choose to come to the Dance Tent. The dancers are particularly pleased
to have musicians choose to play for us -- while we have shown that we can
hum and dance, it's really so much more pleasant with instrumentation.

Thank you to the folks who helped paint new floorboards during peace week.
I had high expectations, and I am very happy with what we got done.

Thank you to the crowd that showed up to break down the tent, we had a
great turnout (no, this doesn't mean you don't have to show up next year,
we need you all!). I apologize for how much floorboard-toting had to be
done in the sunny courtyard, from pile to pile and back again, and I hope
to avoid that in the future.  Everything was in good order thanks to
Mistress Serafina, and we were done in less than 4 hours.

I am so grateful that the dance community is so generous and helpful. No
plan survives contact, and Pennsic plans less than most, despite our best
intentions. Thank you to everyone who pitched in and made it work.

Gratefully yours,

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