[SCA-Dance] SCA Dance Music hard copy CDs now at Gulf Wars!

Lara Coutinho orange at indy.net
Wed Mar 18 01:16:25 EDT 2015

Attention SCA Dance Enthusiasts, especially those at Gulf Wars, and their
friends, family, and various support network people...

The new CD of SCA dance music by Musica Subterranea for the Pentamere
Dances Volume 1 project has arrived in *hard copy* at Gulf Wars!

It is being sold exclusively by Mistress Seraphina Maslowska at her booth
called "Ambience". She also has a few hard copies of the accompanying dance
instruction booklet. The booklet can also be downloaded as a PDF at
http://michiganleftturn.org/Penta-Pentamere-Dances.htm at no cost.

Please pass on this notice to your dance enthusiast friends, friends of
friends, acquaintances of friends, distant relatives of friends, and anyone
who might want a CD in hard copy of historically accurate, custom made, and
darn pretty sounding SCA dance music. Downloads are still available at

Sorry we couldn't post notice of this sooner. We had to make sure that the
pirate herald mercenary we hired to deliver the goods made it safely to her
destination. She has proven reliable and will get her share of the booty
and a good reference. ;)

Please direct questions to Sophia the Orange at orange AT indy DOT net.
Yea Dancing!
--Sophia the Orange

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