[SCA-Dance] New Dance Music CD released by Musica Subterranea!

Lara Coutinho orange at indy.net
Sun Jan 4 12:26:47 EST 2015

New Dance Music CD released yesterday!  Musica Subterranea has released a
new dance music CD for SCA dancers as part of a special project by the
Baron and Baroness of Northwoods, Midrealm. Their Excellencies Northwoods
have produced an instruction booklet for the steps to 5 SCA dances (6
really with a bonus dance) which accompanies the new CD just released by
Musica Subterranea.  For details about the project and links to download
the music and instruction booklet, visit the band’s web site at

Direct link to the booklet:

Direct link to the music download:

Hard copy CDs will be available mid-January 2015 through CDBaby.com and
select SCA merchants.  A few early release copies of the CD are available
now from the Baron and Baroness of Northwoods, Maximilian der Zauberer and
Gwenllyen the Minstrel at the Pentamere Twelfth Night event on January 3,

Please read the details on the band’s web site, because this is a really
amazing project with a lot of people involved! PM me for details or
questions that are not addressed on the web page.  You can also get updates
on our next CD which we expect to release in 2015 by liking our facebook
page : https://www.facebook.com/musicasubterraneaSCA

Yea Dancing!!!!

--Lady Sophia the Orange

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