[SCA-Dance] "Drive the Cold Winter Away"

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Thu Feb 26 10:16:47 EST 2015

Jeanette said:
>Hi, There is a dance-able version of this Song. It is on a album called Shepheards Holyday by Wandering Hands
>This is an excellent album, you can find it on iTunes. The song is 2:33
>You should check it out. The person is a Dance Laurel her name is - Sara L Bonneville, (known in the SCA as Sara de Bonneville) I also have the dance booklet that came with the CD

Ohh, I picked up the album via CD Baby and was not aware that there was a dance booklet.  I just picked it out because it was all ECD and had Half Hannikin and Hit and Miss.


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