[SCA-Dance] Dance Classes at the SCA 50 Year Celebration

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 30 14:24:22 EST 2015

   The SCA 50 Year Celebration event is happening in June with the opportunity for a week of dance classes. The web site will have an online class proposal form up at some point, but if it is like most event websites, it won't be available until after the point when people should start thinking about classes to teach. So, I am starting to ask now, "Who would like to teach a class?" We will need beginner and advanced classes and at least one children's class. There is classroom space for lecture classes as well.
   My understanding (not official yet) is that all class proposals will be signed up for online using the same system that is used for Pennsic, i.e., classes will be in hour blocks, which you can use one or more of. You will need to say what days you are available, how long your class is, what genre and difficulty it is, the name of the class and a description. I do not have strong opinions about what constitutes "beginner" or "advanced". I think people appreciate knowing how aerobic a class is (which is different than "hard"), so it would be good to mention that in the description.  Note that classes in general will be in several different places (although they've told me there will be one room for dance) so classes will have to be shorter than the stated time to allow people time to move between buildings.
   If you can let me know what classes you might want to teach before the online system is active, I would appreciate it, either as a Facebook message or an email. 
--Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa

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