[SCA-Dance] Horses

Barbara Webb bwebb at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Apr 28 10:35:45 EDT 2015

>> Horse's Bransle:
>> http://members.ozemail.com.au/~grayn1/Horses.html
>> says Arbeau says "... the young man held the damsel by both hands.".

We've been doing Horses using the most straightforward way of interpreting 
this - i.e. face your partner and take both hands (rather than a promenade 
or some other two-hand hold). The doubles left and right are then done in 
the corresponding small circle formed by this single couple, effectively 
changing places back and forth with your partner. Drop hands but keep 
facing each other while each does the the horsy taps, single and turn, 
ending where they started to take hands again.

In practice this makes for a fun dance, easy to teach to complete novices.
I *think* I have seen at least some other groups do it this way, but 
possibly outside the SCA.

For multiple couples, each can just pick their own space on the dance 
floor (effectively you will stay on this spot) or you can line up men 
opposite women, or if already in a circle just turn to face your partner, 
or make a double circle with men on inside and women on outside - it 
doesn't really matter. If you really want a partner swap, the last 
formation works, using either the singles or the turns to shift one or 
more partners along.


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