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Ebreo was active roughly 1440-1480, and became Ambrosio around 1468.
Barbara Sparti cites the BNF Italian 973 as the first of the Ebreo MS,
and dates it to 1463 ( October 11 according to the colophon)


On 4/26/15 1:38 PM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Apr 2015, Justin du coeur <jducoeur at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The citation is, "New York, Public Library, Dance Collection,
>> Lincoln Center, MGZMBZ-Res. 72-254".  It is one of a number of MSS
>> attributed to Ebreo / Ambrosio, who wrote most of the books in this
>> repertoire.  It's broadly similar to several of the others, and
>> Smith only devotes a short section to it per se, but Judith
>> presumably used its Italian as her specific focus for reconstructing
>> this particular dance.  I would generally agree with that practice:
>> since dances *did* evolve during period, it's usually best to focus
>> on one specific source for your reconstruction if you can, and use
>> the others mainly to help disambiguate confusing passages.
> How many years between the first Amoroso and the last?  If I remember
> right, Judith said 80 years.  Perhaps that does make it different from
> what I'd been thinking of, Playford versus Lovelace versus MS Sloane
> 3858, where they're probably separated by a few years last I heard.
> But I'm also willing to believe in an Urtanz, that people in period
> might recognize the Platonic ideal of Amoroso ... or several Platonic
> ideals, but "several Platonic ideals" kinda shoots my theory in the foot.
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