[SCA-Dance] Bransle du Rat?

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Bransles continued to be a type of dance in France long after Arbeau. However, like other folk dances, they evolved over time. Some would not look out of place in the sixteenth century. Some include modern elements like polka steps or balance and swing. You can't assume that a dance called a "bransle" is renaissance without a cited source.


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Someone mentioned Bransle du Rat.  I found a YouTube video, there was
a tune, it looked like a fun dance, we danced, all went "yay".

I Googled for it, but there are only some 60 hits, none were in
English, the one I translated said that they could not find it in
Orch{e'}sographie (despite what they'd heard), and I found only one

Anyone know anything about this dance or music?

Daniel Lincolia
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