[SCA-Dance] Need assistance, please

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Fri May 2 03:18:06 EDT 2014

Wow.  Strange delay in receiving list messages.  I just got your email a
few hours ago  (when it appears to have been sent a Month ago?).

I just wanted to say something, so that you know that we weren't trying to
ignore you!

I'm actually travelling to an event in a few hours (long ways away), but in
case people haven't gotten back to you by Monday, assuming it is still
useful to you, let me know and I'll try to find some info.

In a pinch, I would recommend:

Urraca has an instructional video for Gracca.

And for other dances to teach, I think you might try Contrapasso.  In
particular, the Chigi manuscript version is really nice.  Here it is on my


At the bottom of this page is the Terpsichore XX Booklet, if you need a
Cheat Sheet for Gracca and Contrapasso  (may be a different version of
Contrapasso, but it is similar.  The one in the video is actually a bit
simpler than the current Terp version.  Margaret Roe did the reconstruction
I believe.)



On 3 April 2014 10:19, Kathleen - Yahoo <rignachargyll at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello Dance Masters,
> I need some desperate help please. I need to help my Candidate for the
> Madrone Sergeantry learn to Dance! This sounds pretty extreme, but she can
> dance (line dancing) and I have some Dance Awards from back in the days of
> the West. So :
> For her demo:
> 1) Can someone email me the pattern of the steps to Graca Amoroso along
> with
> the name or a link to the music. I may have the piece on a recording here
> somewhere. I have danced this in the past for demos, so I can dust off the
> skills with a bit of a prompt.
> For her dance to teach:
> 2) Can someone recommend a simple-to-teach (she has to teach it) dance that
> an Italian Courtesan would have known, along with music links, or name of
> the piece. I think her persona is pretty late period 1550-1600ish.
> We have four and a half months to learn the music and steps, so no time to
> waste.
> Lady Rignach of Argyll
> Lancer of Madrone
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