[SCA-Dance] 1500 rip rip trab trab?

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Mercanzia + Sobria, a matched pair of dances by Domenico, both have the 
men in the back separate with riprese on one foot, all done to the same 
side. There was also a lot of improvisation done with these steps, that 
is usually not described. (See Sparti's article on Rostiboli Fiorito 
for more info, and the explanatory notes att he beginning of various 
manuals.) Adding one or, if good, two extra ornamental movements on the 
end of a step would be done - so doing 2 riprese on one foot, and then 
throwing in 2 quick little trabs, sounds to me like a perfectly 
15th-century thing to do. Except all that would be done in the time one 
would normally do one (or maybe two) riprese. No extra time for the 


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> I don't suppose there's evidence in Italian dance in 1500 or before of
> little sideways steps repeated in the same direction?  I looked
> briefly in the Terp booklet at Domenico dances, but the glance
> suggested that they appeared in pairs right and left.
> It's just me worrying at Gresley dances _again_.  I happened to think
> of the 16th C ripresa ripresa trabuchetto trabuchetto and realized
> that the movement would look like a rake.
> Danett de Linccolne

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