[SCA-Dance] Come for the dancing, stay for the hedgehogs - Flintheath Yule Ball Dec 5-7 2014

Margaret Menzies margaret.menzies at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 17:30:21 EDT 2014

In case you want to dance in a great hall in front of an open fire this
coming December, this event is for you.  I would welcome seeing some SCA
dance friends there.  From the event announcement:

As the land greens, memories of the hardships of winter start to fade as
thoughts turn to the planting of fields, the hunting of game and reveling
in the Sun. However, the Shire of Flintheath, thinking ahead to the days
when the nights shall again draw long and the days short, is pleased to
announce that a Yule Ball will once again be held within our borders at
Buckden Towers.

The theme for this year's Ball is the Bestiary. All the beasts of reality,
travellers' tales and legend. The animals we see all around us, such as
hares, foxes, deer and the dwindling population of wolves and bears. Those
exotic creatures of which merchants and sailors love to tell, such as
elephants, crocodiles and parrots. And the creatures that no one claims to
have seen themselves, but only heard rumours, like the unicorn, manticore
and gryphon. And lest we forget, the Principality's favorite grape stealing

Other Activities TBD but include:
Armoured Holly Monarch Tournament
Rapier Tournament
Archery Competition
Brewer's Guild Tasting Competition

More info and registration information:

Site info:  http://www.fobt.org.uk/towers.htm

Margaret de Mey

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