[SCA-Dance] Some improvements on my Lovelace/Church web pages

White,John john.white at drexel.edu
Fri Mar 7 15:55:06 EST 2014

Thanks to a not-exactly-gentle request by someone (besides me) who actually uses my
Lovelace Manuscript pages, I have begun a moderate revamping of the structure of the

Previous to this revamp, the transcribed manuscript pages were presented in a handy
(or so I always thought) Excel-created web-page-workbook.  Since creating this
web-page-workbook took a single save action and no hand work, and because I carry
around a printed version when I need to, plus the version on my iPad, I never had to
think about whether someone would try to view the rather complicated set-up on
a smart phone (I'm not a Luddite, but I really don't think smart phones were meant to
read document transcriptions ...), and it was plenty good enough for my purposes.

Apparently, this was not so universally.

So, I have been hand-crafting all 67 pages of the dance portion of the manuscript into a
single document with various links to various places.  I have also provided a main
organizing page that allows jumping into the document at the specific point you want.
In addition, I have provided the poetry pages in their own documents (10 pages and 5 
pages respectively, hand-coded into their own web pages), so that if people are
interested, they can look at those.  I find them interesting quite aside from the dance
portion of the manuscript, and I'm not even a cavalier poet scholar.

I have about half of the main dance manuscript transcriptions copied and massaged into
the main document - 30 pages out of 67.  I will continue the process, which is not hard but
is exceptionally tedious, until they are all in place, at which time I will remove the workbook
web page, as it will be obsolete (and out-dated in terms of the information within it).

I hope that this revamp makes these pages more accessible, even on a smart phone, and
thus more useful to people out there.

                 \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, swiftly coming down with carpel tunnel syndrome ...

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