[SCA-Dance] Heather Dale IndieGogo Campaign - Celtic Avalon - 10 days left!

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 20:16:20 EDT 2014

Hi Dancers!

Some of you may remember Heather Dale (Marian) performing at KWDS back in

Or you may be familiar with her Music.  She started out as a Bard in
Ealdormere, provided one of our earlier Dance Music cds, and has gone on to
record a lovely Historical Christmas album, as well as many songs of her
own creation based on Arthurian and other legends and stories.  (many with
a modern fusion)  Mordred's Lullaby is one of hers.

Well, Heather needs help!  She and her band have a larger project they want
to take on, but it needs funding:

It has about 10 days left, and is 60% funded as of today.

Please pardon that it is not dance related.  I just felt that many of us
know Heather, and appreciate her work, and would like to help it succeed
(as well as wanting to see the performance).

Anything you can do to just Spread The Word to Anyone you might think would
be interested would be Wonderful!

Heather truly is an amazing, really nice person.  Music is her Passion.
 She is always on tour, and is down in the US right now, typically
performing for small venues, such as house concerts.  This is also how her
and her band make their living, and she is a perfect example of the power
of communities  (or Tribes, as she discusses in her TED talk from last
year.  http://youtu.be/f7tO-8PIR9s )

Thank you everyone for your help!
Darius the Dancer / David Learmonth

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