[SCA-Dance] Trenchmore music?

Sandra Unger sandraunger at verizon.net
Tue Jan 28 08:17:20 EST 2014

Trenchmore is one of the favorite dances of a former Baroness of Settmour
Swamp.  It is silly and fun.  For new dancers, I sometimes teach only the
silliest parts of the dance and leave out the bowing up and down the line.
Depends on the skill level of the dancers.
I will privately send you the dance music that I use via DropBox.  I may
need to convert it to MP3 format.

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Trenchmore is one of the dances for the ball this weekend at Candlemas in
Bryn Gwlad.  Anyone have music, or pointer to music, that is used for it?

I don't get to wars and such.  How popular _is_ Trenchmore now?

Danielis de Lindo Colonia
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com
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