[SCA-Dance] Step Spritely Ball List - Feb 1, 2014 - Ontario, Canada

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Further info of interest.  :)

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*Step Spritely Ball List*

7:30pm Opening:

             Inns of Court Revels -8 traditional dances (no stopping few

Court (Potentially)

Revel I

            New Year (Baroness's Choice)

            Petit Vrien

            Contapasso in due

            Horses Bransle

            Jenny Pluck Pears


     Popular Choice


            Black Nag

Interlude I - Bouffons and Maybe Morris Dance

Revel II

            Giove (Maurin)

            Sellanger's round

            Bransle suite


            Ly Bens

            Darius's choice

     Popular choice


            Pavan and Galliard

Interlude II - relax

Revel III

            Ballo di Fiore

            Gathering Peascods

            Gracca Amoroso


            Rostiboli Gioso
            Washerwoman's Bransle

            Dance de Cleves

            Quen Quer Que*

*(this could be inserted as the " last dance" earlier if the larger group
is flagging[image: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif])

On Site Post Revel - Dance until you drop (if there is still time)

 -  Musicians stay by choice

     -- if needed/wanted we could switch to a recording for a song or two

Sarah Scroggie,
Mother and Theatre technician/ set designer

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