[SCA-Dance] history of Canario

Marianne Perdomo marianne at historiaviva.org
Sat Jan 25 05:50:38 EST 2014


Thanks to all who have written privately. I must say I know Del's text
well, as it's *the* start. But I would really like to know his source for
his "Spanish explorers" sentence, as reading the original could add
details. This is it:
"The Spanish explorers thought that the native dance looked like a canary
hopping on its perch, hence they named the dance the "Canary", and
subsequently named the islands the "Canary Islands"."

The problem here is that the islands were named after dogs (Latin can-) and
the birds (and presumably the dance) after the islands. So it's all very
intriguing :) Specially if you were born and live there ;)



2014/1/21 Marianne Perdomo <marianne at historiaviva.org>

> Hello!
> Anyone looked into the history of the Canario, or clues about it beyond
> steps and choreographies?
> Thanks!
> Marianne / Leonor

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