[SCA-Dance] Step Spritely This Saturday! (Feb 1st, Ontario, Canada)

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 13:53:24 EST 2014

Yay Dancing!  Everything is coming together!  Final Schedule is being
approved right now, and will be published shortly!  So warm up your feet,
and we'll see you Saturday!


Here's just a few Class Highlights:
Alina - Contrapasso in Due, Fedelta, and  the Chigi version of Contrapasso
Maurin - Giove
Roselyne and Daniele - Il Papa
Daniele - Buffens
Rosina - Balli + Country Dance: A look at what happens when balli are
converted to ECD, and ECD to balli.

Plus Music Classes!

Lady Yvette will be providing a tasty Lunch on-site for a very reasonable
price.  Yvette also has plans to provide Dinner similarly, or additionally
there are many places to eat right near by.

Also, remember we're having a Potluck Desert and Munchies Revel during the
Ball, if you're feeling inclined to bring something! (food not required to
be in-period, just delicious!)

P.S.  If you're needing Crash Space, the party is at our house!  Just let
Lynnette and I know!

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