[SCA-Dance] Dancing at non-dance events

Ginger Fitzsimmons matildalucet at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 23 20:35:53 EST 2014

On Jan 21, 2014, Tim McDaniel wrote:

> At Candlemas, we intersperse the feast and the dancing.  Three
> courses, three sets.  Dance still gives way, but it tends to be that
> we can't go on to the 5th and last dance of the set because the
> kitchen is ready to serve the crottled greeps now.

Speaking for my local musicians, at least half of them hate this format. We don't get fed beforehand, we're smack against cleanup if we're to be fed afterwards, and it is not always easy to grab food and clean up hands and mouths before taking up instruments again, repeatedly. For myself, I tend to assume that I'm going to get to snack at best and take care of my own food needs. Fortunately, we don't get asked to do this often so I don't have to listen to griping about it much. I can see its appeal to dancers and feasters, though.

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