[SCA-Dance] Dancing at non-dance events

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 11:09:34 EST 2014

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> Good point Justin about the "spiral".  I've also tried to focus my
> energies more-so on events where we looked like we would have some more
> success, because even just on us dance teachers, it can be really
> frustrating / disheartening to put in the efforts and get no one.  (and
> hey, I enjoy going to events without the expectation of dance as well.)
> As for getting the space / time at an event, in Ealdormere we do have a
> lot of autocrats who would like to see dance happening, and so for the
> afternoon at least (for an hour or so before court / feast), that aspect
> hasn't been too much of an issue.
> Part of the trick to consider is to get space where you are visible enough
> to add to the atmosphere, and get people's attention.  Not all sites have
> this available.  Though these spaces can have noise issues if they are near
> heavy fighting.
> I guess just to mention, that if you're going for daytime dancing, try to
> make sure that:
> 1.  It gets Advertised on the schedule / on the website early!
> 2.  It gets Heralded really well, so people know that it really is
> happening.
> 3.  Try to have a few people guaranteed to be there (ringers, or just
> students who are interested), because you may need "critical mass" to be
> able to get things going.  This is another reason that we've been focusing
> our energies, so that All the dancers don't have to try to make it to All
> the events.
> Oh, and now Ealdormere isn't a big kingdom, so our bar for success has
> been set a bit lower than that of Justin.  I'm fairly happy if I can get a
> set of 6 people together, and if they have fun dancing.  (6 people
> including myself.  But hopefully those 6 people will include some new
> people, or those who can't make it to dance very often).  10-12 people
> would be awesome!
> Darius

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