[SCA-Dance] Sources for music for "zombie dances"?

White,John john.white at drexel.edu
Tue Jan 21 10:15:16 EST 2014

> From: Jeremy H. Kessler
> Tim McDaniel wrote, On 1/20/2014 4:32 PM:
> > Anyone have sources, ideally already digital, for
> > - Korobushka
> The recording we used for Korobushka way back when came from a
> Theodore Bikel album called "Songs of a Russian Gypsy.  The dance is spelled
> "Karobushka" on the album.
I remember looking far and wide for this album, finding it, and introducing it
to our then-dance teacher as the "correct" music for the dance.  I still shudder
at her response - she liked the recorder version off of Rose and Nefr better!

She did, however, get a kick out of how well the dance fits to My Sharona.

> And, as long as you're digging up Russian dances done eons ago in the
> Midrealm...
> - Moonshine was danced to track 5 ("Svyetit Myesats") off of that same Bikel
> album.
This was once my favorite SCA dance - back when I was a dance heretic, before
I became a converted dance purist (and you all know that the converted are the
most fanatical!).  I haven't been able to find any information anywhere about
the actual origins, steps, etc for the dance however (you know, to take it to one
of the several local folk dance organizations in the area).  You can find a dozen or
more videos of Korobushka (in at least six variations, none of which are *quite*
what we do in the SCA), and write-ups about its origins in 1920s Ukranian
communities and all, but nothing about Moonshine.

                \\Dafydd C

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