[SCA-Dance] MS Lansdowne 1115?

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A couple of notes on Landsdowne:
1.  None of the dances there have names in the MS, all names are
reconstructed from cognate dances in playford or others.  I think
Cunningham was the first to do this
2.  Cunningham's transcriptions are not without error, and omit an
information about pagination.  I don't have any reason to expect errors
in this one, but they are known to be imperfect.
3.  There's a complete transcription including the diagrams in Ian
Payne's _The Almain in Britain_, it's the appendix.  This one includes
page info and notes about editorial choices.  All around a better one
then Cunningham, and comes in a useful, if dense, book


On 1/16/14 7:27 PM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> I just found (refound?) about MS Lansdowne 1115, which apparently has
> four English country dances.  There's a message about it in
> http://lists.andrew.cmu.edu/pipermail/sca-dance/2010-February/001350.html
> "MS Lansdowne 1115 is transcribed in Cunningham, James P., "Dancing in
> the Inns of Court", London, Jordan & Sons, 1965. (Appendix VIII,
> p. 42-44). The transcription is included in the online paper "English
> Country Dancing Before Playford - Dances from the Lansdowne
> Manuscript" by Christopher Darras at
> http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/~praetzel/sca/lansdowne.html , which also
> includes reconstructions."
> Does anyone have the full transcription of the source to hand?  The
> praetzel link covers only two.  Anyone look at them, have an opinion
> of them?
> (Well, Dafydd Cyhoeddwr looked at them.  He has four reconstructions
> under http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~white/dlansdowne.html :
>      Dance 1: Hunsdon House
>      Dance 2: Spring Garden
>      Dance 3: "Moot Square"
>      Dance 4: "Lansdowne Lane"
> I think his dance titles in quotation marks are his invented names for
> the dances.  The praetzel source above says that there were indeed
> four dances.)
> Daniel de Lindocollino

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