[SCA-Dance] Most evul thing EVAR

tmcd at panix.com tmcd at panix.com
Sun Feb 2 21:25:02 EST 2014

At Candlemas yesterday, we were reorienting / discussing how to
arrange the line for Trenchmore so it would fit.

In the category "Most evul thing EVAR", I'd like to nominate the guy
who said "Make it circular!".

Especially because I was man 1.  If we got to the end of eternity and
finished the under-and-over, then I'd have to reel until the next time
that time ended.

Though, thinking about it now, the casting would have been half the
work: "cast to the bottom of the set and join" == "turn around".

Dankyn de Lyncoln
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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