[SCA-Dance] Music for Petite Rose, The Health, Glory of the West?

White,John john.white at drexel.edu
Sat Apr 12 12:44:03 EDT 2014

>I'm going thru my notes from Terpsichore.  What are good sources for
>music for
>- Petite Rose

I really need one too, since the one I got from DHDS isn't long enough by a single measure, which
boggles my mind since they composed their piece specifically for their reconstruction (which I did
not get from them), and I just don't see how they could have reconstructed it wrong.

>- The Health

I have two sources for this.  The first is a great two volume set called The English Dancing Master, by
Orange and Blue, and the Ranchers.  The instrumentation is somewhat modern (i.e an accordion features
prominently), but the arrangements are done for dancing so the speed and repeats are good.  I don't 
offhand recall having to doctor up any of their tracks.  Plus, they've got a lot of 1st Edition pieces among
the 54 tracks on the two volumes.  The double-CD album is available, but mostly from the UK, so it isn't
cheap.  However, I would say that it is worth the price.

The second source may be impossible to find.  It comes from a cassette tape transferred to CD, which
I don't think is available any more.  It is The companions of St Cecilia volume 1.

I don't know the pieces well enough to rate them - which is better, etc - but I know that the EDM piece
is good to listen to and good to dance to, as well as being available.

>- Glory of the West
>Country Capers has a version of Glory of the West, and if I put it
>thru Audacity to slow it down 50% or so, it might be danceable.

I use either this version, with the repeat of the B music removed, of course, or a patched together
version that uses the June Tabor version (extracted from track 11 of Aleyn - June Tabor loves her
ECD, and mixed pieces in with other pieces quite a bit, so she's a good source of tracks if you have
the ability to piece things together, with, say, Audacity).  Popular Tunes in 17th Century England
(Broadside Band, of course) has a good-tempo version, though again, it needs to have the repeat
of the B music extracted.

Another source (which cannot be used without patching, both for repeats *and* because
no one believes that the B music can/should be unrepeated) include:  Apollo's Banquet by
Douglas, O'Dette, and Lawrence-King.

>Denyel de Lincoln

          \\Dayfdd C

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