[SCA-Dance] German dances?

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Tue Sep 10 18:00:03 EDT 2013

There's actually a recent book (about 2003 I think) about Almains in the
Inns of Court, and the author has some solid, though conjectural, on the
Germanic origins.  I'll dig out the source tonight.

As we know them they are entirely English dances, but the origins, as
the name seems to imply, are German


On 9/10/13 5:40 PM, Tim McDaniel wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Sep 2013, Mikul_ <migulas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You might as well do some Allemande, Arbeau believes it's of a
>> German origin, and the name sure suggest so: "L'allemande est une
>> dance plaine de mediocre gravit_, familiere aux Allemands, & croy
>> qu'elle soit de noz plus anciennes, car nous sommes descendus des
>> Allemands".
> As in Inns of Court?  *Those* we could do with one foot in a bucket
> and the smell of smoke off-stage.
> I don't have Orchesography and haven't heard much of it (except that
> it was early, and I heard about the bransles).  What does Arbeau says
> about l'Allemande (other than the above)?
> Danett de Linccolne

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