[SCA-Dance] German dances?

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Tue Sep 10 16:19:39 EDT 2013

In the local dance group's list:
> 11/1/13:  Blanken Museum has requested we perform a half hour dance
> demo with Germanic theme if possible on Friday evening.  I agreed to
> this plan.  Oh Daniel...you wanna teach some German Dance?

Erm.  Eek, even.  The only German-based dances I've heard of are from
that letter from northern Italy to Germany, where the dances were (as
I dimly recall) somewhat mutated from the Italian versions.  Thea of
Jaravellir's work.  Is this called the Nurnberg Manuscript?  I'm at
work and can't refresh my memory, but the one I recall vaguely has
what I think of as the "three blind mice" chorus -- Vite de Colei, I
think, for two dancers "improper".

Any suggestions of something I can work up relatively easily, or
should I just try to dig out Thea's handout and flog my failing

Daniel Delindquist
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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