[SCA-Dance] Origin of SCA Trenchmore

Monica Hultin mhultin at mymts.net
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It's been awhile, but the version I learned in the SCA was from the book 
Elizabethan English Country Dances by John Fitzhugh Millar.   My copy has 
gone AWOL, so I can't verify the instructions in it.


This is a copy from amazon.ca.


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Unto SCAdance, greetings from Rosina,

I'm familiar with the 1653 version of Trenchmore, but have always seen
Trenchmore done rather differently in the SCA. I presume it wandered in
from non-SCA ECD, but am wondering if anyone has info on whose
reconstruction it is, and upon which source it is actually based on.

In case there are variations, the version I've always seen is: Up a dbl
+ back x2. Cast off to bottom + back up. Dip + dive. Cpl 1 arm R with
own, arm left with other down the set. Start over with cpl 2 leading.

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