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Mon Mar 25 04:43:06 EDT 2013

Forwarded from Facebook post.  Please feel free to pass along to your local
Kingdom Lists / Musician Lists.

See below for details about some of the upcoming classes!

June 20, 2013 to June 23, 2013
www.kwdms.org / www.kwds.org

Maria Daggett Eskinazi:
Hi!! Final boarding call for teaching music classes and Non-European dance
classes at KWDMS.


Known World Dance and Music Symposium

June 20th - 23rd
Universal Preservation Hall
25 Washington St
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 USA

Saratoga Springs has a small airport. Closest major airport is in Albany,
New York City is located approximately 3 hours away.

Saratoga Downtowner a small motel.
St. Francis takes reservations only by phone #518-584-2050
St. Charles takes reservations only by phone #518-584-2050
Hampton Inn, Marriot and holiday Inn are within 1-2 miles and a Best
Western is about 5 miles.
There's also a Roosevelt Inn and Suites with rooms starting around $99.00.
Whatever choice you make, let them know that you're with KWDMS for a good

http://www.kwds.org/ is the website and you can find us on facebook:

There are some classes that have been proposed and/or are looking for

"History of Playford from the players point of view"

"Calculating the correct tempo from original manuscripts"

"Switching recorders the c-f dilema"

"Reading white notation beginner"

"Reading white notation advanced"

"playing and singing from white notation all levels"

"Master class with John Tysen and Renaissonics" (see note about his
appearance at KWDMS)

"Known World Choir - sing the top 10 and take them back to your group"

We have a great schedule planned with activities all day and into the

Music classes do NOT have to be dance related... any and all manner of
class is welcome.

Please submit a brief class proposal to Erlan at KWDSMusic at gmail.com....
include the length of the class and a brief bio of yourself in the SCA.

Dance classes that are NOT European in nature (middle east, turkish,
Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc) may also be submitted to Erlan at
KWDSMusic at gmail.com. In your proposal please indicate the time period and
supply some brief historical support for it's connection to Western Music
and Dance.... .

We are So lucky this year to have John Tysen from the New England
Conservatory along with the group Renaissonics with us at KWDS this year.
While we haven't firmed up what classes they will be doing, in the works is
a Master Class session and a wonderful session on adding keyboard to the
dance band. The harpsichord will be located in one of the rooms at the
Preservation Hall. Plans are in the words for a lot of recorder action at
KWDS this year.


please visit Renaissonics' website and hear some of their latest CD.

One more project in the works is having the Dance Music - SHEET MUSIC there
and ready to be printed. We're looking for a few instructors that will run
some playing sessions for dance bands. Each evening's ball will have it's
music made available for easy printing right at the event.

Do you have a local dance band? Perhaps a group of you get together to play
but aren't really "official"... well, this is a great opportunity to
register for a Master Class teaching session with John Tysen and
Renaissonics... please let me know if a group will be in attendance. We'll
make arrangements for you to have a class session a long with other groups.
This is a KWDS first and it's all for you!!

Making all types of music an integral part of this event is important to
us. Any suggestions or ideas please contact me at

KWDSMusic at gmail.com

Deadline for class proposals has been extended to March 28th.

Thank you

Erlan Nordenskald, East Kingdom.
Shire of Norden Fjord

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