[SCA-Dance] Italian dance workshop suggestions

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It would certainly be helpful if you would make your synth recording available somewhere that people can download it. None of the commercial recordings of Alta Regina work with your reconstruction. They are all arranged for the version in Nobilta di Dame, which has a different repeat structure.


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The problem with Alta Regina and Petit Rose is that there is no available recording of the music, so unless you have a live band you can't dance them.

Actually, there *is* a recording of Alta Regina, just not a great one.  When Clara did her pamphlet on Caroso dances (around 8 years ago?), I did synth recordings of the dances therein, four or five of them.

It's by no means a pretty recording -- it's distinctly synthesized -- but by the standards of synth it's adequate.  We can dig it out for folks if there's demand for it -- it's what we use to teach Alta Regina, and it functions reasonably well...

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