[SCA-Dance] Bassedances

William Bornander wrborn at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 30 18:42:29 EDT 2013

"we always used the same music for the one dance we constantly did which ended up giving us cues as to what was supposed to happen when. "
My most recent theory on the music is that the musical phrase of the top lines (improved or not) would have ended with the dance phrase. The manuscript sources could have been used as is for musicians who were able to improv to see where those phrases were (and the tenor  could have helped a musician keep his place.) I have been intentionally teaching with the specific music that repeats the same close on the Demarche. That has helped the dancers immensely. Another "trick" I have used was to dance the basse just to the tenor. (I THINK that might be more applicable for the Bassedanza in the Italian tradition then Burgundian.
Again...just my thoughts,Wilhelm 		 	   		  

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