[SCA-Dance] FW: Bassedances

William Bornander wrborn at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 30 14:44:41 EDT 2013

Forgive the delay in my comments (as I am still
not KWDS recovered) but I have found differing things with the Basse.


The locals here ask for
it and stress they want to learn and internalise it. I personally do not think
that Basse was primarily all about "socializing, showing yourself and looking at others, being next
to people of the opposite sex (or whatever)" but rather that it
was about showing that one was noble. That was a BIG DEAL in the early renaissance and the form really
gives the chance to show that off...


I once was a hater but
now find them to be great fun. My personal beef was the memory needed but as
others have said one needs to learn the base patterns first then the rest is


There was a description
offered on list of a group that just does a random basse at the end of the
practice. I offer that this was potentially part of the reason they were popular
in period. One could have guests from far away quickly do a local favorite
without discomfort. The line of couples also allows it`s sharing as those who
know the music and form could easily follow gracefully...


Just adding my 2 cents...




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