[SCA-Dance] Gracca Amorosa Flash Mob at Pennsic War (Tuesday, July 30, 12pm)

Troy Daniels xcvii at alum.mit.edu
Thu Jun 27 15:05:09 EDT 2013

Any special instructions for the musicians?


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 5:12 PM, Felice Debbage <felicedebbage at gmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings, Dance Enthusiasts,
> You all are invited to participate in a "Gracca Amorosa" flashmob at this
> year's Pennsic War! Meet at noon on Tues., 7/30 in the wide, grassy south
> merchant area near the main gate for the flashmob. (This is the space near
> Raymond's Quiet Press, the vending machines, etc., just south of that main
> road that leads right up to Troll. There's a very large tree just south of
> the grassy spot.) We will probably start the "show" at about 12:15pm, but
> there will be "planted" musicians there starting around 11:50ish. If you
> want to just show up and participate, act "normal" and go shopping nearby
> or hang out with friends on the grass. But look at each other, and do not
> stare at the musicians or the space where the action will happen. You could
> act amused when Felice and Luther start dancing, but it will look
> impressive if you can gradually "start" watching them after a few rounds.
> The key thing to remember is that unless I've told you otherwise, you will
> start dancing or playing after the "random pickup dancers and musicians"
> have done the dance one time through. Then, you can join in as we repeat
> the dance from the beginning. Afterwards, take a quick reverenza with your
> partner, and just walk away like nothing strange ever happened at all. ;-)
> You can invite anybody else you want, so long as they know the dance and
> know how long to wait before joining in.
> Don't know the dance, "Gracca Amorosa"? I am teaching a class on it Monday,
> July 29, at 10 am in the dance tent. We will learn all the moves and
> practice how to start the flashmob so you'll look like a pro when we
> perform it for the lucky folks who happen to be strolling by. Musicians who
> can play the song well are welcome, too! If you need sheet music,
> contact Gebhard
> von Lozengia<
> http://www.facebook.com/gebhard.vonlozengia?directed_target_id=219975508061504
> >,
> at dcrackel at gmail.com.
> Questions? E-mail me at felicedebbage at gmail.com, message me on facebook,
> where I'm Sarah Joseph Cordingley (Felice Debbage), or join the Middle
> Kingdom Dance Enthusiasts group, which is where I will post any changes or
> additional information.
> --
> Good dancing to you!
> Mistress Felice Debbage
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