[SCA-Dance] KWDMS and video from the event

Nadine ianthe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 10:03:17 EDT 2013

It was a really fabulous event. I enjoyed the balls, and the after midnight
balls. One of the nights I stayed up till 5 am :)

Managed to wake up for the Il Papa class that was taught by Daniele and
Roselyne, and Gwommy's how to remember dances class, both were great.

I also got to teach a Canary class and didn't break anyone ;-)

My favorite moments from the balls were: doing Ly Bens as part of a giant
ameoba, I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. And dancing the epic 10 minute
galliard with my talented dance partner, Felice!

So I took some videos during the ball, there was a section of time where
people could show off their reconstructed dances. (Don't be too excited
about the videos, it was just taken on an iPhone)

Maurin, Caelia and Thyra danced Allegreza d'Amore:

It was also the dance that won the reconstruction performance competition.

I also took a iphone videos of Daniele and Roselyne and their daughter's Il
Papa? reconstructed dance, and Trahern and Sara's dance. Dancers, let me
know if you want them uploaded.

Big thanks to the organizers!

Yay! Dancing!



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