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John Garden garden at earthlydelights.com.au
Thu Jan 31 21:58:30 EST 2013

Dear All

As some may know, for 10 years or so my husband (Dr) John (Gardiner-)Garden
has been not only teaching Renaissance dance and other dance forms but
working on 10 substantial volumes on Historic Dance from 1450 to 1900 (with
Volumes I to IV very relevant to people interested in Renaissance dance).
The volumes are now available and are a resource that have to be seen to be
believed. To find out more about the work as a whole please read the note
at the bottom of http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/books-cds and to see the
covers and contents of each volume (and find buttons to press to order) go
to http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/books-cds/shop. To save you the
dilemma as to which volume to buy, you’ll also find on that shop page a
mechanism to order a whole set at a substantial discounted rate with free
shipping. Please do follow up these links- you’ll not be disappointed!

If you are within reach of Canberra, Australia, and would like to dance
with John, I and our Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy the news is:

   1. Our Wednesday evening ‘extension’ classes for experienced dances
   start 6 February, 7:30-9:30 (contact us directly if interested) and our fun
   Saturday afternoon ‘Dancing through the Ages’ at the Australian National
   University start 2 March, 4:00-6:30pm. Classes cover 500 years of dance,
   romance and passion, all to live music. Contact us.

2.    Saturday 6th April 7:00-10:00pm we are involved in presenting a
wonderful (and outrageously ambitious) event at Canberra’s historic Albert
Hall- an everyone-welcome ‘Night at Versailles’, featuring lots of
18thcentury social dance led for everyone, as well as belle danse
Themed dress welcome but not required. Tickets cheap and available from us.

3.    Friday 19-Sunday 21 April we’re presenting 3 days of back-to-back
c.1800 English dancing (in parallel with costume workshops, theatre,
promenades, archery, horse drawn carriage riding etc etc)- with a Saturday
evening Grand Napoleonic Ball and a Sunday evening Cotillion Ball, as part
this year’s Jane Austen Festival (shaping up as one of the best ever, with
overseas attendees, new guest performers, new events), so do find out more
at http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/janeaustenfestival .

4.    From 22-25 April we throw ourselves into the Victorian era with our
1820-1900 costumed dance retreat at a large 1900 country house 2 and ½
hours from Canberra, but sadly we’ve already filled our numbers for this
year. Hopefully we can repeat next year with more beds available, and get
lots more overseas people to join us.

5.    On Sat. 15 June we will have one of our regular bi-monthly balls at
St.John’s Church Hall, Reid (suburb of Canberra)- perhaps this one on a
late Renaissance theme.

If you are not in reach of Canberra, perhaps, when armed with John’s books,
you could identify a theme on which you’d like him to lead dancing for you
in your town and contact us. We are keen to try to now get out and about
the world a little more (enjoyed our last North America and Europe trip),
and would love to piece together an itinerary which can bring us together
(again), possible even for this year-. Alternatively, perhaps you can join
our England costume/dance tour in September (
http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/tours) or, if you are in England, perhaps
you can invite us to link in with you while on that tour.

So please do check out John’s beautiful new work and keep in touch.

*Warmest regards, *

*Aylwen (and John) Gardiner-Garden.*

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