[SCA-Dance] The Boone Companion: "Goe abut" (Tim McDaniel)

Josef Berger harpolekare at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 12:49:18 EST 2013

> We have no music, so at Dafydd's suggestion, I'm
> using a repeated version of the Broadside Band's Boone Companion (a
> major-key mutation of Fine Companion), in which the chorus is 16+16
> beats.

You might try a "boone companion" ballad tune, too:

You gallants, and you swag'ring blades,
Give eare unto my ditty
I am a boone companion, knowne
In country, towne, and city
source: A broadside "There's nothing to be had without money" (Roxburghe
Collection I, p.400-401), dated c.1601-1640.

For the melody, the same broadside mentions:
"To a new Northerne tune, or The Mother beguil'd the Daughter."

This tune is given in Chappell's "Popular mUsic of the Olden Time, a
Collection of Ancient Songs, Ballads and Dance Tunes Illustrative of the
National Music of England Part One", page 357.

It can also be found in Pills to purge Melancholy Vol.IV page 116.

While Playford's "Fine Companion" is twice 8 bars + twice 8 bars in 6/8,
this tune, as printed by Chappell, has 8+8 bars in 4/4. Just add repeats to
the A and B part and it might work just as well.


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