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Who needs Brainard (1984), when the entire MS is available as facsimile


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> I was able to track down a copy of Ingrid Brainard's 1984 article on the
> Nuremberg manuscript, "The Art of Courtly Dancing in Transition...".
> For those interested it's got a good overview of the origins of the
> manuscript and an analysis of the dances included.  There's one page,
> the first one with "der spanier" and "rostibin", as a facsimile, but
> only that page, and no transcription or translation.
> Dances in the MS are:
> der spanier - La Spagna
> Rostibin - Rostiboli
> Angelosa
> Lamorosa - Amorosa
> Leoncell - Lencello Vecchio
> Bellregwerd - Belriguardo
> Mercasan - Merchexana
> vite de Colej - NOT Vita di Cholino, but perhaps an earlier dance, for a
> couple
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